Avatar volunteers needed? Mewbe?

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Avatar volunteers needed? Mewbe?

Post by ilmarinen » 21 Jul 2019, 00:17

Hello?.. Anyone?.. Want to be bitched at by bunch of people and then ragequit?.. If so, mail me (ilmarinen on mud)
To fit requirement you need to be:
  • Cat-friendly
  • Capable of reading stuff in knowledge base because I dunno how to avatar >.>
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Re: Avatar volunteers needed? Mewbe?

Post by garrett » 01 Aug 2019, 20:08

But Ilmarinen! Being an avatar is like playing with cats.

1> Move shinies around so players(cats) run about.

2> Make sure they don't get bored, or you'll get teethhugs.

3> Scritchies and praise (XP and goodies) are always appreciated. :D

I'll try to remember some of the Avatar tools and see if I can write use ideas for them.

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