Item standards from 2017

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Item standards from 2017

Post by nienne » 29 Jul 2019, 12:07

Snagging this to here, seems to fit with current game design still (up to +7 best end game bosses at L50?). Please advise if any changes, looking for something easy to start with & updating old gear seems good! However I have adjusted slightly as it seems now standard gear can have up to 2 bonuses (as can player crafting) and boss gear can have 3.

TL;DR seems to be standard gear +1/7, standard items with a single bonus, decent/rarer items with up to two bonuses ala player crafting, zone-boss items up to 3.


Overall directions:

-players currently have nine equipment slots: head, neck, torso, waist, left/right arm, left/right hand x2, left/right leg (or foreleg for wemic/centaur), and left/right foot (or hoof/forepaw for minotaur/wemic/centaur). Please ensure your items match the corresponding slot; bracers, bracelets, gloves and gauntlets should all be allocated to the arms slot; greaves should be on legs/forelegs; left/right hand should ONLY be used for rings and other trinkets - usually this will be a ROP and one other misc magical trinket.

-all core equipment should generally pick up the standard enchantment for the level; please do not feel the need to downgrade enchantments anymore on "rare" item slots like boots and hats. Eg/ most L30+ areas should drop +5 items consistently for any slot; +2 items should not be found before around L12. The only exception here should be the second ring slot; if the ring/trinket you are making is not a ROP (and not locked down accordingly for stacking), it should NOT have an enchantment except in the rarest of cases. If you want it to carry AC, please put a magical armor bonus instead.

-standard in-area items (non-boss drops) may sometimes pick up a secondary bonus as well, but usually these would be only one, usually at a lesser rate, or none at all. Eg/ a L30+ in-area item may be +5 with no bonuses, or with a +2 to stealth. (July 2019 - still seems similar)

-rarer items & soloable mini-boss-type items should generally pick up at least one full-rate secondary perk, or two if they are below the recommended rate. Remember that due to non-stacking bonuses, it is usually more beneficial to a player to have one big bonus rather than a bunch of little ones. Eg/ a L30+ boss item may be +5 enchantment, and in addition may include a +3 bonus to a saving throw, or +1/2 to all saves. (July 2019 - seems now mainly 1, sometimes 2, full bonus perks here ala player crafting)

-major boss-fights written to be non-soloable would be recommended to pick up two full-rate bonuses, rather than one, to represent the additional challenge, or three bonuses if they are below the full recommended rate. Eg/ a L30+ group boss (such as Arkhon) may give a +5 item with +3 to two skills, or +2 to a couple skills and a stat. Again, it's usually more to a player's benefit to have two large perks rather than three small ones. (July 2019 - seems now up to 3 for big-boss drops at full bonus. Vecna, Ibby, Autarkis, Arkhon, & up towards newer bosses & Klauth also)


Specific rates for bonus types:

Enchantments: while they can be worn at +1/5 levels, area drop rates should be aimed at +1/7 levels. Thus, we should only see +3 items start appearing in L20+ areas, and +5 only mid 30's zones. This also means when the cap is boosted that we may potentially see up to +7 items as accessible drops, although these should only be on the very upper-most fights at L50 (ie Klauth & similar).

Stats: given the relevance to our 3e-based stat system, these should only drop in even numbers (+2, +4, +6 - please do not implement odd numbers), and should scale at minimum +2/15 levels. Thereby, +2 items should only be found from areas L15+; +4 items should only be found from areas L30+; +6 items should only be found in areas L45+.

Skills, saving throws: both of these areas work on a d20 and thereby become intensely valuable with only a few points, so need to be kept limited. Bonuses should only be granted at approx +1/10 level areas; this should give only the very best and rarest at +5 on the uppermost endgame creatures at the L50 cap.

AC bonus, attack bonus, damage bonus, damage resistance: these quickly accumulate, given they affect all hits in a round, so need to be even more limited, recommended at approx +1/12 level areas. To this end in our L40-capped version the highest ever itemised was +3 (L35+ areas such as Arkhon), and should never exceed +4, only found on the uppermost endgame creatures at the L50 cap.

Empowered or bonus spell slots: needs to be kept very limited as this stacks up quickly, particularly with multiclasses; recommended scaling +1/15 level areas. To this end in our L40-capped version the high-end items are +2, while endgame to the L50 cap will allow for +3 in L45+ areas.

Spell penetration, magic resistance, and various resistance types: these are still on an opposed-percentage-based system, so need heavier values than most other perks to be equally relevant. Recommended scaling is in +10 increments at +10/15 levels; to this end +20 items should only be at L30+ areas, and +30 items only in the upper ends of the levelcap at L45+.

ShieldMiss: this one should not scale in the same way as alternatives, specifically due to the fact that it is 100-capped-percentage-system - no opposing stat will offset the benefit. Existing shields give 15-30% as a base figure (depending on size), and shieldMiss is additive & should thus only apply a small percentage at any level to remain reasonable. Recommended 10-20 only to apply here, as a tower shield with a 20 shieldMiss stat will instantly have the player blocking half of the attacks thrown at them regardless of level.

Sight bonus: this one does not have critical scaling limits since it doesn't convey a direct combat boost. However to put it in perspective, +1-2 is a normal boost to a human & a reliable edge to an elf; +3-4 is a sizeable boost to allow most races to see in most conditions, and +5 tend to be rare/high-end items that give vision in nearly all circumstances.
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Re: Item standards from 2017

Post by ilmarinen » 31 Jul 2019, 15:50

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In case someone stumbles upon this post, current standards are in:
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Re: Item standards from 2017

Post by odin » 01 Aug 2019, 11:01

I would like to propose we expand these standards by stating that "all magical items must inherit and remain true to the mechanical functions of a base type." These means no damage or proficiency overrides (I can see weight and damage type overrides as possible things). If you want your weapon to be 1d4 18-10/x2 martial prof, make it a kukri, not a dagger. Same thing goes for armor. The one exception would be weapons that transform into multiple forms, which should probably be exotic by default.
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