The Feywild

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The Feywild

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When creation was formed from the light that Selune bore into the eternal darkness it was originally shapeless and wild with no definition yet endless possibility. As the gods were shaped and born of Selune’s will they were given purpose and shape as concepts from which all creation would be based. These concepts were in turn used to craft creation as we know it now, setting parameters and rules by which life could flourish. In order for creation to exist it had to be placed in a careful balance between the entropic darkness of the void that had existed and the raw potential of unshaped life. So the gods as they gave shape to the world erected planar boundaries between the shadow which consumed all life (plane of shadow) and the chaotic wellspring of life and possibility (Feywild).

The Feywild is the birth place of all life and creation itself for its energies were used to create something from the nothingness that existed before. Some might think that would make the denizens of the Feywild an ally of creation. They would be wrong. The Feywild is a place of endless concepts and possibilities unbound by rules or parameters. Most of its denizens find the very idea of a defined existence Anathema however due to the ties of creation some of those very rules and parameters have bled into the feywild giving it shape and limitations.

The Sidhe who rule over the Feywild are one such example of this, having formed “Courts” with their own strange forms of Hierarchy and rule. They have individual identities and while wild and unpredictable they do have general predispositions which are recognizable to the creation born. Their appearances vary wildly however with no two Sidhe sharing the exact same features or even necessarily appearing to be the same race of beings.

The Summer Court tends towards a more “goodly” moral bent as far as creation born are concerned. They are tricksters and enjoy manipulating the status quo. They are especially well known for their predisposition towards replacing creation born children with their own to see what chaos might be sewn. Those stolen are raised in the Feywild which inevitably warps and turns them into something unrecognizable. They also enjoy tipping scales that might change otherwise predetermined outcomes. The more things that break the mold and upset the certainty of creation the more freedom they have in the feywild.

The Winter Court tends toward a more “evil” bent though given how chaotic all occupants of the feywild are it can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between them. They also seek to upset the balance of creation to the point of completely ripping down the boundaries between the planes and creating a world of endless shapeless possibility. They tend to lean towards the more intimidating and cruel paths towards this end. Rather than replacing children they will often seduce or rape to put their children into play. They enjoy causing widespread fear and destruction, tearing down the very concept of stability. Perhaps the most terrifying activity they engage in is the Wyld Hunt.

The Wyld Hunt comes once a millennia and involves the Winter Court gathering in force and assaulting creation, riding through on indescribable beasts out of nightmare to rip apart all semblance of order and take prisoners back to the feywild to add to their collection of twisted servitors. It is a time of horror for all who call creation home and an uncommon time where all can find common cause in the fight for survival.
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