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Atoyatl Events

Post by tlaloc » 28 Apr 2020, 18:19

The heart of the massive jungle stirs as a wind blows violently through the trees, stripping them of their leaves and carrying them towards the heart of the jungle. The jungle animals, full of fear, flee with unbound panic without knowing where to go. They only know they need to get away. Away. A forgotten evil has been awoken. It's been so long and the world has moved on and only one thing remains: hunger.

In the center of the jungle, the leaves coalesce and are consumed by a shadowy mass of undulating darkness. There is no mouth, but there can be no doubt that it feeds voraciously, grasping at the barest threads of life energy contained within the leaves.

Shadowy tendrils reach out and caress a group of nearby bodies. It should be grateful. These insects were so eager to release it. But it only knows hunger and it will allow them to give one last contribution to something greater. It doesn't take long before the bodies are nothing more than bleached bones, cracked open and picked clean beyond recognition.

The taste of life. How sweet. But the taste has served merely as an appetizer and the hunger becomes insatiable. More. It must have more. It turns its awareness outwards, towards the living inhabitants of a sparsely populated continent. It begins to reach out towards a nearby village, not far away, full of strange furry creatures with a delicious amount of life pulsing through their veins. The inhabitants, focused on their mundane lives, never see the danger coming. Within moments, there is a dried husk where once stood a vibrant community. But the hunger is not sated. No, the hunger has only grown with each new taste. More. It must have MORE!

And so it moves ever outwards, away from the center of the jungle, over rivers and through valleys, consuming everything within its path as it grows ever more voracious with each passing hour. But the meal is so meager. It must keep searching. It must find a true source of life to feed its growth. Its search brings it to a beautiful beach on the edge of an ocean.

The Unfettered doesn't notice the view, for it has sensed a different sort of beauty. From across the ocean it senses something. A pulse. A heartbeat, ever so faint. It knows this heartbeat, it has become one with this heartbeat and the two are now inexorably linked. The one who will show it where to feed. The pulse pulls from thousands of miles away like a siren's call.

Without further deliberation, the shadowy mass of horror enters the ocean and sinks beneath the waves.

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A Most Prolific Day

Post by tlaloc » 29 Apr 2020, 20:30

Saemus was having a rough day. He had been out here fishing since the sun came up, and as he watched that very same sun slipping below the western horizon he knew one thing for certain : He was going back to the monastery empty-handed. Even the beautiful sight of the sea couldn't placate him as he knew he had failed the test, once again.

He looked over at his fishing partner, Ela and smiled. He had been lucky to have been partnered with her, and her beautiful red curls and bright green eyes had been a nice distraction to help the day fly by. Perhaps too much of a distraction. Her visit to the monastery had been a surprise but when the master had asked Saemus to bring her along on his test, he had been shocked pleasantly to the core. Unfortunately, his plans to impress the girl with his fishing ability had gone poorly, to say the least, and she seemed to have lost interest in him altogether.

Saemus sighed once more and accepted his defeat as the sun dipped below the horizon and darkness began to set into twilight. He began to pack his nets and line neatly into his sack, making sure everything was organized and tidy. The masters would check his equipment when he returned and they were always extra strict when it came to caring for your gear. It was then that the pretty young girl spoke up.

"What's that?", the girl said, almost dismissively. When Saemus turned, the girl was pointing to something laying on the beach.

"We have to get back. I'm sure it's nothing."

"It just moved, Saemus. Stop being so boring. Let's have a look!"

The girls picked up her belonging and began to walk over to where the object lay. Stung by her words, Saemus dropped his nets and line and swiftly made his way over to the moving object on the beach. Before she could reach it, he placed a hand upon her shoulder to halt her.

"Hold on Ela, let me make sure it's safe."

The girl scowled but said nothing more. Saemus's eyes lingered on her face a moment more and he turned to the object on the beach. To his great surprise, and elation, there lay the largest fish he had seen in a long time. It twitched and struggled and flopped on the beach helplessly, and Saemus could see that his luck truly had turned.

Saemus leaned low trying to figure out just what type of fish had just blessed his terrible day. He looked over the tail, fins, and gills and could not put his finger on it. He had never seen such a fish before. Something was strange about the eyes, though. Usually fish would just stare off into nothing when faced with certain oblivion, but these eyes seemed calm. And they were watching him. He was sure of it. He couldn't seem to stop looking into those eyes, deep, black and endless.

Saemus was still staring at the fish when Ela walked up behind him, tapping him on the shoulder. When Saemus didn't respond, she moved around him to see what he was staring at.

"Saemus, what are you doing?"

Saemus looked up at the girl with a new perspective. Why had he ever thought she was pretty? Truth be told, it was going to take a lot of work to set things right. He smiled at the girl as his hand flashed out, his gutting knife slicing her throat wide open. The look of panic and puzzlement in her eyes was priceless as she sank to the hot sand. He watched with ecstasy as the lifeblood poured out of her and onto the beach. He could hardly contain himself. He wouldn't let her essence go to waste.

After feeding for a few moments, the man once known as Saemus turned and looked up at the monastery, high up on the mountainside. From beyond the sea a relentless pull tugged at him and for a moment he hesitated, tempted to his limits. After a moment of conflict he shook his head and his blackened mouth turned up into a strange, almost forced grin as he eyed the monastery once more. This had been a most prolific day, and tonight would be a night of celebration.

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