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Tonerra Events

Post by kismet » 24 May 2020, 00:10


Current mud time: Sat May 23 23:42:47 2020
Current ShadowGate time: 3:08 Lightday, 23 Colddays, 750 SG

Fire and smoke covered the sky above Tonerra this winter night as the volcano erupted! Lava poured from the mountain, causing great damage to the jungle surrounding it and perhaps also to the nearby village. Smoke keeps pouring into the night sky, billowing clouds carried on the wind, mingling with the elemental storm raging on.

As morning comes, the sky above the Sakrune Sea, as well as most of the mainland, is covered in a thick layer of ash. Only the occasional crack of lightning breaks through the haze. Temperatures drop considerably and the world seems blanketed in darkness.

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