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Azha Events

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6 Sundays, 751 SG

The Temple of Kreysneothosies suffered heavy losses in a terrible attack. Witnesses say that a hoard of demons and undead poured out of a portal that opened outside the temple. The temple guards were slain instantly and the temple took heavy damage before mustering the defenses needed to fight off the fiends. In the midst of battle, a beam of darkness struck down from the sky, shattering the temple's domed ceiling.

It is said that the battle turned when two courageous heroes, known as Sir Greenshield and Lady Makisha, were able to enter the portal and shut it off at the source. The remaining fiends were killed. It stands as a testament to the Clergy of Kreysneothosies that they focused their attention on preventing the fiends from causing damage to Azha, at the expense of their own temple.

The attack is assumed to come in retaliation to the attack on the Primordial Goddess Ashra, conducted by the combined forces of Jarmila and Kreysneothosies a few weeks ago.

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