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Merc Meta

Post by eleazar »

Is anyone else kinda sad that a hiring a merc has become a bit of a requirement?

at least for me, playing a ranger... the biggest struggle is the lack of sustain.

Hiring a merc is a great solution to this but it'd be nice if there were some other options for passive healing.

Summons, items, crafting mini quests for example. NPCs that could make you something that only lasts for a log idk, just brainstorming.

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Re: Merc Meta

Post by ashra »

I've been playing undead a lot lately, so I've gotten used to not using mercs. I usually sustain through kits
or healing spells. I think, like anything else in this game, once you get used to playing a certain way it's
not hard at all.

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Re: Merc Meta

Post by fluffy »

I've relied heavily on mercs since I started. I started when they were new, so it seemed like the normal, natural way of adventuring. For almost all of my characters, saving up for my first merc so that I could really adventure without getting killed by goblins has been priority numero uno.

So, with that background in mind, I do not think that they are a requirement. After I learned that people used to just use kits like crazy, I've tried that. Kits are slow, but effective so long as you keep your eye on combat and don't overestimate yourself.

Mercs are great for powerlevelling, and just getting to a preferred level for some RP quickly. But they aren't so much powerful than potions that they're a requirement.

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