ShadowGate Core Lib
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# ShadowGate MUD lib #

This is LPC code repository. You'll need fluffos ( and world files to utilize it.

As of 11.07.2019 this repository serves as a backup and tracking system only. The development happens from within metaprogramming environment of the game.

## Running the game ##

To compile fluffos for this lib you will need local_options. Example file is in the root of this repo.

To run fluffos with our settings you fill need to customizefluffos.cfg.example for your environment.

You will need to edit and copy access control lists files to their location:

adm/db/access.db.example adm/db/access.db
adm/db/groups.db.example adm/db/groups.db
adm/db/privs.db.example adm/db/privs.db

Only access.db might require an edit...