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ShadowGate is a huge game based primarily with Pathfinder System in mind, although there are many modifications to fit into multi user dungeon format. We strive to form a community of adventurers with all aspects of interactions, both positive and negative. Look forward to prejudice and tolerance, conflict and cooperation, hate and love.

Getting Started


Settings and Lore

Dungeon Mastering

Game Building

Our systems of player classes, races, feats, skills, languages, spells, deities, and required introductions all make you feel as if the world of ShadowGate is an evolving environment. Your character can be heavily customised in nearly all aspects, including descriptions, history, saved and crafted equipment, and more.

This is an RPG, therefore we encourage role-play first and foremost, however it is not compulsory. We feel the greatest strength of this game is its ongoing story. Each individual thread of your character's experiences, misadventures, friends and enemies becomes the tapestry of his or her life, and the whole winds up becoming more than it's parts. We encourage roleplay through a system of Avatars, which are our dungeon masters, who are people who drive interactive quests through various abilities and interactively controlled NPCs.

The ultimate, and perhaps idealistic, goal is to make the ShadowGate world reflect not only the tabletop world of adventure and roleplay, but also those idle times of characters - the times in the city, spending your gold, reflecting on your adventures. We encourage any player who wishes to become part of the community to join us, enjoy what we have, and help us make it better and move toward our goal.

To log into this wiki use your in game character name and password.

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