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Contributing to ShadowGate codebase

Development setup

LPC and areas

  • LPC For Dummies book
  • Ingame: <man>
  • /doc/lib contains all up to date reference
    • SimulEfun/ – Functions from our parent library (Nightmare)
    • applies/ – old MudOS VM driver applies, you probably need efuns/ instead
    • archive/ – Old functions and references, may no longer be valid
    • concepts/ – basic concepts
    • efuns/ – Current version of all VM (FluffOS) functions. You van view copy at
    • lfun/ – more Nightmare references
    • lpc/ – LPC Language reference
    • mudlib/ – Nightmare legal files and basic info
    • tutorials/ – Nightmare lib tutorials. They are very old


  • We have Gitea instance serving our code
  • There is a github mirror as well
  • Make a change, git add ./path/to/changed/file, git commit -m 'commit message', git format-patch HEAD~..HEAD, send the patch to someone with write access.
  • Android App for gitea GitNex
  • Oh shitgit - common problems.


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