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The world of ShadowGate is pantheistic and includes many deities who may be worshipped by mortals. While any mortal may make offerings to any deity to appease him or her, each mortal is also encouraged to choose a patron who will help guide the mortal’s life. These are the deities and their spheres of influence, their spell domains.

Current Pantheon

Kismet - Magic/Knowledge
Domains creation, knowledge, law, magic, mentalism, stars
Allies none
Enemies none
Lysara - Death/Fate
Domains fate, moon, repose, travel, void, water
Allies Kreysneothosies, Jarmila
Enemies Nilith, Lord Shadow
Nimnavanon - Forests/Weather
Domains animal, destruction, earth, plant, storms
Allies none
Enemies Nilith
Jarmila - Light/Love
Domains fire, good, protection, renewal, sun
Allies Callamir, Kreysneothosies, Lysara
Enemies Lord Shadow, Nilith, The Faceless One
Kreysneothosies - Home/Protection
Domains earth, law, protection, strength, vigilance
Allies Jarmila, Lysara
Enemies The Faceless One, Nilith
Callamir - Luck/Trickery
Domains air, chaos, charm, good, travel, trickery
Allies Jarmila
Enemies The Faceless One, Lord Shadow
Lord Shadow - Darkness/Tyranny
Domains cold, darkness, evil, law, suffering, tyranny
Allies none
Enemies Jarmila, Callamir, Lysara
Nilith - Undeath/War
Domains chaos, destruction, evil, strength, war
Allies none
Enemies Lysara, Kreysneothosies, Jarmila, Nimnavanon
The Faceless One - Murder/Deception
Domains cavern, darkness, evil, illusion, madness, trickery
Allies none
Enemies Jarmila, Callamir, Kreysneothosies
Cevahir - War/Strategy
Domains war, strategy, wisdom, battle, soldiers, tactics, games, puzzles, the wounded, the fallen in battle
Allies none
Enemies none
Khyron - Storms/Destruction
Domains natural destruction, storms, unbridled energy
Allies Nilith
Enemies Seija, Nimnavanon, Kreysneothosies
Seija - Elements/Balance
Domains earth, air, fire, water
Allies Nimnavanon
Enemies Khyron

The Great Old Ones

The Great Old Ones are otherworldly entities of almost unimaginable power – beings completely alien to the mortal, physiologically and spiritually. They don't exactly experience existence and remain in lost dimensions outside of known cosmos, yet their power is so great they can influence mortal minds in their dreams and nightmares, even if such influence is as accidental as a star's gravitational pull on a tiny mote of dust adrift in space.

Draem - Dreams/Existence
Domains none
Allies none
Enemies everyone

Former Pantheon

Nothing is eternal and as the time goes old divinities fade.

Ryorik - Elements/Natural Disasters
Domains elements, destruction
Allies none
Enemies none
Varda - War/Strife
Domains war, destruction
Allies none
Enemies none
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