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domain deity spells
air Callamir whispering wind, cloak of winds, gaseous form, air walk, airbolt, chain lightning, elemental body iv, windstorm, elemental swarm
animal Nimnavanon magic fang, hold animal, charm monster, polymorph self, summon natures ally v, antilife shell, true seeing, shapechange, summon natures ally ix
cavern The Faceless One stone throw, meld into stone, obsidian flow, maw of stone, earth reaver, wall of stone, stone body, earthquake, clashing rocks
chaos Callamir, Nilith, Dream protection from alignment, align weapon, garble, chaos hammer, dispel law, animate object, word of chaos, cloak of chaos, prismatic burst
charm Callamir sleep, captivate, charm monster, heroism, domination, bliss, insanity, demand, dominate monster
cold Lord Shadow biting wind, frostfield, serac, ice shield, cone of cold, frost breath, hypothermia, ice mirror, glacier
creation Kismet minor creation, mirror image, acid breath, glyph of warding, sticks into snakes, greater dispel magic, cometfall, powerword stun, powerword kill
darkness Lord Shadow, The Faceless One shadow stream, fog cloud, blindness, shadow conjuration, darkbolt, shadow travel, powerword blind, listening shadow, shades
destruction Nilith, Nimnavanon true strike, shatter, rage, fear, tremor, disintegrate, finger of death, horrid wilting, tidal surge
earth Nimnavanon stone throw, soften earth, strength of stone, spike growth, earth reaver, stoneskin, elemental body iv, stone body, elemental swarm
elements shocking grasp, flaming sphere, fireball, fire shield, chain lightning, freezing sphere, vortex, fire storm, meteor swarm
evil Lord Shadow, Nilith, The Faceless One, Dream protection from alignment, align weapon, contagion, unholy smite, slay living, unholy orb, blasphemy, unholy aura, animus blast
fate Lysara true strike, clairvoyance, auspicious bolt, precognitive perception, trace teleport, aegis of fate, foresight, fortune fate, astral projection
fire Jarmila burning hands, produce flame, fireball, wall of fire, fire shield, fire seeds, elemental body iv, incendiary cloud, elemental swarm
good Callamir, Jarmila, Kreysneothosies, Dream protection from alignment, align weapon, prayer, holy smite, burst of glory, holy orb, holy word, holy aura, gate
illusion The Faceless One blurred movement, invisibility, displacement, greater invisibility, phantasmal killer, screen, shadow double, scintillating pattern, weird
knowledge Kismet true strike, detect thoughts, tongues, deathward, false vision, legend lore, powerword blind, powerword stun, powerword kill
law Kismet, Kreysneothosies, Lord Shadow protection from alignment, align weapon, prayer, deathward, domination, repulsion, dictum, shield of law, dominate monster
madness The Faceless One, Dream cause fear, touch of idiocy, rage, confusion, nightmare, phantasmal killer, insanity, scintillating pattern, weird
magic Kismet color spray, resist energy, break curse, freedom of movement, mystic bolt, protection from spells, true seeing, spellscar, clashing rocks
mentalism Kismet confusion, detect thoughts, clairvoyance, modify memory, telepathic bond, bolt of force, mind blank, inner eye, astral projection
moon Lysara darkness, confusion, owls wisdom, placeholder, moonbeam, placeholder, placeholder, insanity, meteor swarm
plant Nimnavanon entangle, barkskin, contagion, thorn body, wall of thorns, liveoak, animate plants, mind blank, shambler
protection Jarmila, Kreysneothosies divine favor, shield other, resist energy, lesser globe of invulnerability, invisibility purge, repulsion, spell turning, mind blank, dimensional lock
renewal Jarmila bless, restoration, rejuvenation, freedom of movement, waves of fatigue, disintegrate, waves of exhaustion, rebirth, greater ruin
repose Lysara spectral touch, gentle repose, phantom steed, deathward, slay living, undeath is death, waves of exhaustion, destruction, wail of the banshee
stars Kismet, Dream dancing lights, levitate, hypnotic pattern, dimension door, prying eyes, sunbeam, reverse gravity, sunburst, meteor swarm
storms Nimnavanon snowball, lightning touch, sleet storm, ice storm, stormwinds, sirocco, acid fog, stormrage, storm of vengeance
strength Kreysneothosies, Nilith enlarge person, distressing tone, magic vestments, lesser globe of invulnerability, righteous might, stoneskin, placeholder, placeholder, crushing hand
suffering Lord Shadow touch of sickening, body blades, wave of pain, purge spirit, kiss of torment, eyebite, finger of death, nightmare maw, ray of ending
sun Jarmila faerie fire, detect invisibility, searing light, nimbus of light, flame strike, fire seeds, sunbeam, sunburst, prismatic burst
travel Callamir, Lysara skate, clairvoyance, faithful mount, dimension door, teleport, pass portal, create portal, phase door, astral projection
trickery Callamir, The Faceless One conceal alignment, invisibility, displacement, confusion, false vision, flee the scene, mass invisibility, screen, timestop
tyranny Lord Shadow cause fear, oppression, wave of pain, modify memory, fear, forbiddance, insanity, orb of the void, wail of the banshee
undeath Nilith repair undead, command undead, necrophage, animate dead, mass repair undead, create undead, control undead, create greater undead, animus blizzard
vigilance Kreysneothosies divine favor, orders oath, heroism, vicarious view, domination, inspiring recovery, greater heroism, frightful aspect, overwhelming presence
void Lysara, Dream blurred movement, levitate, dismissal, dimension door, conjure elemental, phantom guardians, reverse gravity, nightmare maw, gate
war Kreysneothosies, Nilith magic weapon, spiritual weapon, magic vestments, divine power, flame strike, transformation, powerword blind, powerword stun, powerword kill
water Lysara touch of sickening, acid arrow, stinking cloud, ice storm, cone of cold, sirocco, elemental body iv, horrid wilting, tidal surge


pick domain DOMAIN

(Must be done at the temple of your chosen deity.)


Each deity has a small selection of domains that a cleric can choose from, granting them special spells. See <help deities> for a list of available deities and their related domains. A cleric chooses two domains at the first level, some clerics may choose a third domain.

Domain spells

See <help deities> to see domains available to specific divinities. See <help NAME domain>, e.g. <help animal domain>, to see all spells available for specific domain.


cleric, deities, individual help files for domains and deities

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