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Draem, Dreamrr, The Original Dream, The Dreaming Ocean

Alignment: CN
Clergy alignments: TN, CG, CN, CE
Follower alignments: Any
Spell domains: none and all


 Known to some as The Original Dream, Draem is the only of the great old ones to survive to the current day. Draem is represented often in artwork - particularly in sculpture, painting, and poetry, for her influence is particularly strong among such sensitive minds. In these eldritch works of art, she is often depicted or described as having a vaguely feminine frame, but with immense bat-like wings and a skirt of tencacles. Her actual form is somewhat fluid, since as a being that predates existence, she can shift and reshape her exact countenance as she wills, or have no form altogether, allowing her to be everywhere and nowhere, as she wishes. Draem currently slumbers away the eons in a state neither quite dead nor living, held in her endless dreams that slip into the sensitive minds of gods and mortals, inspiring otherworldly, alien madness and powers.

Occult groups

Present everywhere, always hunted, they never show themselves. Following “occult divinity”, or “false gods” is considered blasphemy, danger to the balance of The Power. These cults, often worshipping different depictions of Draem, do not have clerics or paladins, but may have oracles or inquisitors. Arcane masters of many kinds also lead as clergy. Their goals are vague and ever-changing. Some wish to wake The Deep One, others believe it their duty to keep her asleep. Some say that she is the rightful heir to the multiverse, and all of the gods are simply caring for it while she rests. Many just want to share the bliss (or madness) that they find from her with everyone else. Many cults believe that she is a beneign entity whose existence must be protected. And others believe that she gives power to those who fulfill her will… which doesn't follow the morality of this mortal realm. Death is not a concept that she understand, and therefore doesn't concern herself if others die to fulfill her will. But ultimately… all that her followers find are strange dreams and nightmares, that they try to decipher meanings of.

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