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Category Performance
Prerequisites Bard L11
Type Instant
Required For charm
Syntax calm TARGET

Successful use of this feat will cause the targetted opponent to cease all attacks and combat. However, should the opponent pass their save, they will become angered and may berserk.

Canny Defense

Category PrestigeDuelist
Prerequisites Duelist L1
Type Permanent

It is said that knowing your self and knowing your enemy will lead to victory in a thousand battles. The duelist relies not only on the quickness of their arm, or the discipline of their form, but also on the sharpness of the mind to anticipate their opponents' moves. This feat adds your intelligence modifier to your passive armor class while wearing light or no armor and while not incapacitated. In addition The duelist gains +4 to their reflex saves.


Category Presence
Prerequisites Cleric or Paladin
Type Instant
Syntax channel

This power allows divine caster to channel primal energies (negative or positive) at their allies and foes. The type of energy will depend on your affinity, e.g. undead will channel negative energy while living will channel positive energy. This feat will auto determine which type of energy is appliable to allies and enemies.


Category Horsemanship
Prerequisites Ride-by attack
Type Instant
Syntax charge TARGET

A mounted character can attempt to charge down a foe, causing enhanced damage if they successfully impact.Charges from several rooms distant will do greater damage.If the charge is not completed in a short time, your mount will tire and lose too much speed to continue the charge.


Category Performance
Prerequisites Calm, Bard L17
Type Instant
Syntax charm TARGET

Successful use of this feat will cause the targetted opponent to calm down, and become much more amenable to suggestions of the character.

N.B. If used on players this spell provide you only with limited subset of allowed commands.

Chosen Animal

Category BeastMastery
Prerequisites Beast Master L1
Type Instant
Syntax chosen_animal [TYPE]

The pack as a whole is better than the sum of its individual parts. The Beast Master becomes part of a pack of their choosing, boosting the effectiveness of the members of the pack around them. This feat allows the Beast Master to choose an animal type. As long as your animal companion is of the chosen type, it will be stronger and more resistant to damage.

Shapeshift: This feat won't deactivate in shapeshifted form.

Clone Scroll

Category Cypher
Prerequisites Cypher L7
Type Permanent

With this feat a cypher can copy any scoll in her inventory with scribe feat, even scrolls of other classes.

Closed Mind

Category Psionics
Prerequisites Psywarrior L1 or Psion L1
Type Permanent

Your mind is better able to resist psionics than normal. You gain +2 to all saving thwors against powers and spells.


Category Psionics
Prerequisites Psywarrior L1
Type Instant
Syntax combatprescience

This feat allows the psywarrior to use her mental prowess to gain insight into battle, granting her bonuses to attack and damage rolls and giving her a chance to slip in extra attacks. The feat grows in both strength and opportunities for extra attacks as the psywarrior gains levels and intelligence.

Combat Manifester

Category Psionics
Prerequisites Psion or Psywarrior
Type Permanent

The Combat Manifester feat will allow a psionic character who could not otherwise manifest while wielding a weapon the ability to manifest their powers while wielding a weapon. Psions wishing to take this feat must first have mastered the ability to manifest in armor via the Armored Manifester feat.

Combat Reflexes

Category Melee Damage
Prerequisites Thief L4
Type Permanent

Combat reflexes represents the highly trained speed and dexterity of the rogue in combat, allowing them more damaging attacks when they flank an opponent.The character will use this chance to stab a foe, or launch alternative attacks in situations where stab would be ineffective.

Command The Stone

Category Stonelord
Prerequisites Stonelord L7, Mighty Resilience
Type Permanent

So strong becomes the Stonelord's bond with the earth, that he or she can command it by magical means. Several new spells are learned as innate abilities:

meld into stone (at will) stone body (x1), earthquake (x4) conjure elemental (at will - earth only)

Contingent Healing

Category Radiant Servant
Prerequisites Radiant Servant L1
Type Instant
Required For radiant aura, supreme healer
Syntax contingent_healing

The Contingent Healing feat will allow the user to automatically cast a heal spell on whichever party member is hurt the most if they are sufficiently injured. This healing happens in addition to any other actions that the user takes in the round, including casting another spell or using a feat or attacking.


Category Weapon And Shield
Prerequisites Deflection, Must be wearing a shield
Type Permanent

The Counter feat will give you a high chance to launch a counter attack after you deflect an attack or reflect a spell back at the caster. This feat also causes your weapon to do additional damage when wearing a shield. This damage is further increased by how defensive your shieldwall is

Craft Magical Equipment

Category Arcane Spellcraft
Type Permanent
Syntax craft enchant

This feat allows a character to go beyond the normal range of crafting skill, with the ability to make magically imbued arms and armor with any craft skill they are adept in. Craft magical equipment's effectiveness is based on the user's various crafting skills. Swords require craft, weaponsmith clothing requires craft, tailor, etc.

See also: craft, disenchant


Category Assassin
Prerequisites Assassin L1
Type Instant
Syntax crit [TARGET]

You perform a devastating attack that has a chance to kill your enemy instantly. The save throw gets a bonus from your intelligence score. If your target succeeds the save, either by being warded against death ot by being studry, thay will still suffer greatly.

If used without an argument this feat will pick up a random attacker.


Category Two Handed Weapons
Prerequisites Strength 15
Type Instant
Syntax crushingstrike TARGET

The CrushingStrike feat will strike a two handed weapon at the target in a single mighty swing. If the swing hits, it will do damage to the target and has a chance of rendering them unable to move for a time.

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