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Damage Reduction

Category Damage Resistance
Prerequisites Barbarian L10
Type Permanent

Starting at L10 barbarian will subtract a point for every six barbarian levels above level ten from damage taken from a weapon or natural attack.

Damage Resistance

Category Damage Resistance
Prerequisites Improved toughness, or Barbarian L7, or Warlock L7
Type Permanent
Required For improved damage resistance, regeneration

Damage Resistance is a passive feat that when taken will increase the character's resistance to damage by a small amount.


Category Melee Accuracy
Prerequisites Knockdown, Disarm
Type Instant
Syntax daze TARGET

The character can attempt to daze a foe, with a blow to the side of the head, in an attempt to addle them sufficiently that they cannot cast spells for a time. It will also interrupt any spells being cast.

See also: daze *spells


Category Ranged Combat
Prerequisites Manyshot
Type Permanent
Required For preciseshot, shot on the run

Deadeye represents the extended training of a skilled archer, allowing them tomake more telling shots on targets at close range.

Death Arrow

Category Arcane Archer
Prerequisites Arcane archer L7
Type Instant
Syntax death_arrow [TARGET]

The archer imbues one missile with power of negative energy, and shoots it. Upon release, such projectile can kill the target instantly, or cause severe damage if the target is warded against death effects. Such missile will never miss its target.

If used without an argument this feat will pick up a random attacker.

Death Touch

Category Pale Lord
Prerequisites Pale Lord L7
Type Instant
Syntax death_touch [TARGET]

A final step for Pale Lord is to construct a conduit, a point he can release the power of the death itself. To do so he cuts off own hand, treats it with mummifying solutions, then lays a network of fell spells over it and attaches it back. Such hand can release negative energy on demand, ripping the souls of living and healing the undead.

If used without an argument this feat will pick up a random attacker.

Death Ward

Category Magic Resistance
Prerequisites Improved resistance
Type Permanent

Death Ward reflects a character's hardiness against death spells and spell-like abilities, which will have no effect on the character.

Defenders Presence

Category Immortal Defender
Prerequisites Immortal defender L1
Type Instant
Required For shield charge, shield master
Syntax defenders_presence

The immortal defender can project his presence to his nearby allies. Any fighting on the side of the immortal defender will be inspired. The wounds of the immortal defender and his allies will slowly heal while in battle and the defender and his allies will be inspired to new heights of vigor while in combat.

Defensive Roll

Category Evasion
Prerequisites Dextrity 15, Thief L21 or Monk L21
Type Permanent

This passive feat grants the character the ability to roll with a blow that would otherwise cause them heavy amounts of damage. A successful attempt will halve the damage taken from the blow.


Category Weapon And Shield
Prerequisites Shieldwall
Type Permanent
Required For reflection, counter

The Deflection feat will increase the chance to block attacks when you are wearing a shield.

Diamond Soul

Category Ki Defense
Prerequisites Monk L14
Type Permanent

Your mastery of Ki allows you to automatically reroll all failed saving throws, for the cost of 1 Ki, if you have enough available and are unarmored and unarmed or wielding only small weapons.


Category Melee Accuracy
Prerequisites Expertise
Type Instant
Required For daze
Syntax disarm TARGET

The character can attempt to disarm a foe of their weapons momentarily. This will only work while shapeshifted, or using a weapon, unless the character has an aptitude in unarmed combat.


Category Psionics
Prerequisites Psion L1
Type Instant
Syntax discipline [DISCIPLINE]

This feat allows a psion to select or change their psionic discipline.

Psionic Disciplines grant unique spells to the practitioner. The psion will recieve mastery in one discipline spell per spell level.

You can select from the following disciplines: Egoist Kineticist Nomad Seer Shaper Telepath

A psion that has not made their choice will merely be precluded from access to the discipline-specific spells.

To start selection process type <discipline>.


Category Magic Resistance
Prerequisites Fighter L6
Type Permanent

By warding yourself, this feat increases your chance to avoid negative spell effects, granting you +4 to all your saving throws against spells.

Divine Domain

Category Divine Spellcraft
Prerequisites Cleric L1, Druid L1
Type Permanent

This feat represents the connection with divinity that each priest has, and grants a small number of specialty spells that are specific to their own deity. The cleric must select a domain specific to their god in a temple.

Divine Health

Category Presence
Prerequisites Paladin L3
Type Permanent

Such is the divine strength of the paladin that he or she becomes entirely immune to all kinds of diseases.


Category Evasion
Prerequisites Dexterity 13
Type Permanent
Required For mobility, evasion, scramble, spring attack

This feat allows the character to retain their dexterity bonus to ac even being incapacitated.

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