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Category Presence
Prerequisites Paladin L6
Type Instant
Syntax layonhands TARGET

This will heal the player you choose,increasing in power with your level and your charisma. Invokingthis kind of divine power can be wearying, so the paladin willneed to wait a few minutes before they can attempt to use such ablessing again.


Category Presence
Prerequisites Force of personality
Type Permanent

This feat represents the pinnacle of renown for a character, allowing them to attract a number of loyal followers based upon their influence skill.

See also: follower.

Lethal Strikes

Category Melee Accuracy
Type Permanent

This feat represents your ability to strike in a much more lethal manner. This will double the critical threat range on any weapons you use.

Lifeless Shroud

Category Gravecaller
Prerequisites Gravecaller L7
Type Instant
Syntax lifeless_shroud

Lifeless shroud is a powerful swift ritual that surrounds caster in streams of negative energy they can direct at their will. This shroud of lifeless energy will aid unliving allies, healing them, and will harm all enemies, causing them to be blinded, sickened, shaken or harmed.

Lightning Reflexes

Category Magic Resistance
Type Permanent
Required For increased resistance, improved resistance

Lightning Reflexes is a passive feat that when taken will boost the character's reflex saving throw by a small amount.

Light Armor Proficiency

Light Armor Proficiency is a passive feat that allows the use of padded, leather, and studded leather, and hide armor.

Light Weapon

Category Two Handed Weapons
Prerequisites impale
Type Permanent
Required For strength of arm

The Light Weapon feat will allow the character to maneuver a two handed weapon much more quickly than normal. This effects things like initiative rolls and the amount of stamina that it drains to heft the large weapons around.

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