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Magic Arsenal

Category Magic Damage
Prerequisites greater spell power
Type Premanent

The Magic Arsenal feat will allow the character to cast 2 more spells per level of every level spell that they are currently able to cast. The spells do not get any stronger and it will not allow the character to cast spells of a higher level than they might otherwise be able to cast. Please note, this feat provides extra slots for memorization/casting; it will not grant classes such as sorcerer or warlock extra known spells.

Magic School

Category Arcane Spellcraft
Type Permanent
Syntax magic_school

This feat allows a mage or an archmage to select magic school dedication and school that opposes it.

School of magic gives mages a degree of specialization. Spells of that school become more potent, while spells of opposing school become weaker, with power difference growing as mage learns.

You can select from the following schools Abjuration Alteration Conjuration_Summoning Divination Enchantment_Charm Illusion Invocation_Evocation Necromancy

A mage that haven't made his choice will belong to Universalist school, having no penalties or bonuses.

To start selection process type <magic_school>.

N.B. Without this selection many of archmage's powers won't work.


Category Ranged Combat
Prerequisites Point blank shot
Type Instant
Required For deadeye, preciseshot, shot on the run
Syntax manyshot

Manyshot can be used in combat to fire a number of projectiles at each target within the immediate vicinity, and will quickly eat through ammunition. It will fail if there is not at least one target within range, and will use a small amount of stamina.

Martial Weapon Proficiency

Category General Combat
Prerequisites Simple weapon proficiency
Type Permanent
Required For exotic weapon proficiency

Martial Weapon Proficiency is a passive feat that allows the use of various types of weapons such as swords, hammers, polearms, and axes.

Mask of Mortality

Category VampireLord
Prerequisites Vampire Lord L1
Type Permanent

This power allows you to forget about your true from and endure the curse of the sun. This, however, won't allow the vampire to avoid negative effects of the sun.

Shapeshift: This feat won't deactivate in shapeshifted form.

Masters Parry

Category Bladeweaver
Prerequisites Bladeweaver L7
Type Permanent

With this feat, the Bladeweaver is often able to counter attack after he parries an enemy's attack.

If a character has both the spring attack feat and the masters parry feat they will have a chance at performing an even greater defensive maneuver.

Mastery Of Fang And Claw

Category Savage Combat
Prerequisites Savage Instincts II
Type Premanent

A diverse command of combat in druidic shapeshifted forms,which allows the use of a specific feat in each.

A wolf can trip foes with the <knockdown> feat. A bear can attempt to <sunder> a foe to make them easier to hit. A cat can <whirl> to unleash a flurry of attacks on several foes at once. A dragon can attempt to <impale> a foe with its claws.

Mastery Of Power

Category Hierophant
Prerequisites Hierophant L1
Type Permanent

Reflecting on her knowledge, hierophant gains extended powers, able to imbue her spells with increased potency. This feats grants additional caster levels to any cast spells.

Master Of Elements

Category Versatile Arcanist
Prerequisites Versatile Arcanist L4
Type Permanent

A versatile arcanist can cast certain spells of a particular element as a different element of their choosing. Affected spells include: chill touch, burning hands, scorcher, fireball, ice storm, cone of cold, ball lightning, chain lightning, incendiary cloud, polar ray, meteor swarm, ride the lightning.

See also:help elementalist.

Master Of Versatility

Category Versatile Arcanist
Prerequisites Versatile arcanist L7
Type Permanent

A versatile arcanist with master of versatility is able to effortlessly transition in his mind the arcane energies necessary for one level of power into another, such that he can combine or disassemble power levels to create the precise amount of energy needed. What this means is that if a versatile arcanist runs out of 9th level powers to cast then she instead can combine an 8th and 1st level power to form the necessary energy required. This happens automatically and effortlessly for a master of versatility.

Medium Armor Proficiency

Category Armor Mastery
Prerequisites Light armor proficiency
Type Permanent
Required For heavy armor proficiency, shield proficiency

Medium Armor Proficiency is a passive feat that allows the use of various types of mail, including chain, ring, scale, splint, and banded. It also allows the use of brigandine armor and breastplates. Requires light armor proficiency feat.

Mental Fortress

Category Metamind
Prerequisites Metamind L4
Type Permanent

Using only his strength of mind, the metamind is able to project a portion of himself onto the Astral plane. The power timeless body is added to his spell list.

Metabolic Perfection

Category Mindblade
Prerequisites Mindblade L7
Type Permanent

With this feat, the mindblade is able to heal himself much more effectively with the true metabolism power. The power also will no longer expire unless the mindblade is rendered unconscious or killed.

Mighty Rage

Category Rampage
Prerequisites Barbarian L20
Type Permanent

This feat allows the barbarian to enter a fit of furious rage, boosting their strength, constitution, and will even more than rage and greater rage, as well as allowing them to regenerate health during the rage. The ability will last longer, and grow stronger, as the barbarian gains levels.

Mighty Resilience

Category Stonelord
Prerequisites Stonelord L4
Type Permanent
Required For command the stone

The Stonelord's kinship with the earth grows, his or her body taking on more of its attributes. He will ignore all of the stabs from rogues of the same level.

Mind Before Matter

Category Mindblade
Prerequisites Mindblade L1
Type Permanent
Required For improved prescience, metabolic perfection

With this feat, the mind blade becomes able to manifest powers in armor and while wielding a weapons, as if he had the feats armored manifester and combat manifester.

Mind Over Matter

Category Warmind
Prerequisites Warmind L4
Type Permanent

The warmind's mental ability grants her exquisite control over her body, giving her the ability to heal certain hurts. The power true metabolism is added to her spell list.

Mind Partition

Category Metamind
Prerequisites Metamind L1
Type Permanent
Required For mental fortress, perfect manifestation

The mind partition feat grants the ability to repel mind-controlling affects often through sheer will.

Mind Wave

Category Metamind
Prerequisites Metamind L7
Type Permanent

The metamind has focused his mental abilities into a keen weapon, allowing him to more effectively strike opponents with psionicweapon and greaterpsionicweapon. His powers are also slightly stronger.


Category Evasion
Prerequisites Dodge
Type Permanent
Required For scramble, spring attack

This passive feat grants an AC dodge bonus against all melee foes, except while incapacitated.

Mounted Combat

Category Horsemanship
Type Permanent
Required For ride-by attack, charge, trample

A character with this feat substitutes a roll on their athletics skill for their mount's armor class, serving as an indication that they can steer their mount skillfully enough to avoid the blow. If the mount's armor class exceeds the rider's athletics skill, this feat has no effect.

Mystic Arcana

Category TomeBoundMaster
Prerequisites Tome Bound Master L4
Type Premanent

The warlock taking this feat continues to show greater dedication to their pact and are reaping greater benefits from that pact. The patron shows the warlock how to bend their force of ambition and influence into strengthening their spells. A warlock with this feat applies the 'agonizing blast' trait to their eldritch blast, eldritch chain, and eldritch burst invocations, which adds damage based on the warlock's charisma. The patron also shows the warlock how to strengthen the resilience of their invocations, and the warlock gains a additional resistance to dispell effects.

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