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Sanguine Bloodline

Category VampireLord
Prerequisites Vampire Lord L7
Type Permanent

Through forming greater bloodline, you gain ability to control ancient blood magic in a limited fashion and gain unique spells. This feat adds some hemomancy abilities to innate spell list: blood cauldron, blood pyre, blood raze, night auspex, mytherceria, harvest of tyrannos.

Shapeshift: This feat won't deactivate in shapeshifted form.

Savage Instincts I

Category Savage Combat
Prerequisites Druid L5
Type Permanent
Required For savage instincts ii, savage instincts iii, mastery of fang and claw

A druid can master some of the instincts ofeach of its combat-based shapeshifts, allowing an extra ability whilefighting.

Savage Instincts II

Category Savage Combat
Prerequisites Savage instincts I, Druid L15
Type Permanent
Required For savage instincts iii, mastery of fang and claw

A druid can master more of the instincts ofeach of its combat-based shapeshifts, allowing an extra ability whilefighting.

Savage Instincts III

Category Savage Combat
Prerequisites Savage instincts II, Druid L25
Type Permanent

A druid can master the greatest of the instincts ofeach of its combat-based shapeshifts, allowing an extra ability whilefighting.

School Familiarity

Category Archmage
Prerequisites Archmage L1
Type Permanent
Required For greater spell mastery, arcane perfection

Archmage becomes unrivaled in their knowledge of the school. With the school familiarity feat, an archmage can extend the power of their school spells even further, significantly increasing their potency at the expense of their opposing school.

Sorcerers advancing to archmage must choose a school with <advance class special> for this feat to work.


Category Evasion
Prerequisites Mobility, Evasion
Type Permanent
Required For spring attack

This feat allows the user to fight defensively during combat, dodging from blows that may be directed at the character. Its effectiveness is based upon the character's skill in athletics, and can only be used in light armor.


Category Arcane Spellcraft
Prerequisites Bard, Cleric, Druid, Inquisitor, Mage, Paladin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Oracle
Type Instant
Syntax scribe SPELL_NAME

This feat allows a character to use their knowledge of the arcane to scribe simple scrolls of spells they already know. Such scrolls are only good for a single use. You must have an empty parchment sheet in your inventory for scribe to work. It has to be parchment, other writing materials won't do.

SPELL_NAME The spell you wish the scroll to cast when it is used.

N.B. Multiclassing characters will use currently posed class for this feat. Use <pose> to switch it.

Second Divine Domain

Category Divine Spellcraft
Prerequisites Cleric L1
Type Permanent

This feat represents the greater bond with divinitythat an advanced priest has, and grants another small subset of specialty spellsthat are specific to their own deity, in addition to those learnt at first level.

Second Judgement

Category Inquisition
Prerequisites Inquisitor L8
Type Permanent

The inquisitor learns to proclaim the second judgement lonside the first during the combat.

Shadow Apotheosis

Category Shadow Adept
Prerequisites Shadow adept L7
Type Instant
Syntax shadow_apotheosis

A shadow adept with shadow apotheosis is able to project an aura of shadows about himself that will lash out at nearby enemies. The shadows will sometimes inflict damage on his enemies and sometimes harm them in other ways.

Shadow Jump

Category Shadowdancer
Prerequisites Shadowdancer L7
Type Instant
Syntax shadow_jump DESTINATION

A shadowdancer is able to jump into the shadows at one location in the world and reappear at another location in a completely different part of the world. He is able to travel flawlessly through the shadows and needs only a short time to recover before he can jump again.

See also: remember, recall

Shadow Master

Category Shadowdancer
Prerequisites Shadowdance L4
Type Permanent

A shadowdancer's weapon strikes have a chance on critical hit to blind the target temporarily.

Shadow Opportunist

Category Ki Enhancement
Prerequisites Monl L15, Way of The Shadow or Grandmaster of The Way
Type Permanent

This feat further increases the chance of flurry of blows landing a second attack. It represents the ability for a monk dedicated to the way of the shadow being able to discern openings in the defenses of their opponents that others often miss. NOTE: This feat only functions while unarmored.

Shadow Perception

Category Ki Enhancement
Prerequisites Monk L10, Way of The Shadow or Grandmaster of The Way
Type Permanent

A monk who is dedicated to the way of the shadows has a way of perceiving and hiding in shadows that most can never hope to achieve. This feat represents this ability, granting a +5 to both stealth and perception. NOTE: This feat only functions while unarmored.


The shapeshift feat will allow the user to change into another form. Whileshapeshifted, users maintain their intelligence but also gain the mannerisms and instinctsof their shapeshifted form, but they are able to overcome their animal instincts and actof their own free will. Users in animal form can freely speak with other animals, butwill need a special feat to communicate with others who do not understand the animal'slanguage. All equipment worn and carried by the user is absorbed into the shapeshiftingprocess and, with the exception of healing vials, will be unusuable until the user returnsto his or her normal form. Equipment bonuses for worn and wielded armor and weapons willremain when the user is shapeshifted. In addition, bird shape can use <wing> command. Different forms are learned by the druid as theygrow in strength, as follows:

L4 Wolf. Variants: coyote, fox, hyena, jackal, wolverine, worg L4 Small Animal. Variants: ferret, lizard, mole, mongoose, monkey, mouse, rabbit, raccoon, rat, skunk, squirrel L11 Bear. Variants: grizzly bear, kodiak bear, polar bear, black bear, brown bear, panda L11 Large animal. Variants: ape, bison, boar, buffalo, camel, deer, goat, horse, moose L14 Bird. Variants: crow, eagle, falcon, hawk, owl, raven, vulture, goose L17 Cat. Variants: cheetah, jaguar, leopard, lion, lynx, ocelot, panther, tiger

Dragon: refer to <help wild shape dragon> Elemental: refer to <help wild shape elemental>


Category Melee Damage
Prerequisites powerattack
Type Instant
Syntax shatter TARGET

The character can attempt to shatter an opponent's magical defenses, including stoneskin, iron body & similar variants. This will only work while shapeshifted, or using a weapon, unless the character has an aptitude in unarmed combat. Success is reliant on not only connecting with the target, but being able to overcome their willpower to successfully disrupt their protective spell/s.

See also: shatter *spells


Category Weapon And Shield
Type Instant
Required For shieldwall, deflection, reflection, counter
Syntax shieldbash [TARGET]

Shieldbash is an instant effect feat that can be used to slam a shield into the target and stun them for a brief time. In addition, if the target fails to make a fortitude save, they will be unable to cast spells for a brief time after the shieldbash.

If used without an argument this feat will pick up a random attacker.


Category Weapon And Shield
Prerequisites Shieldbash
Type Instant
Required For deflection, reflection, counter
Syntax shieldwall offensive/defensive/check

The Shieldwall feat allows you to fight defensively using your shield to help deflect attacks and avoid incoming damage. The more defensively that you fight with your shield, the fewer melee attacks that you will get. You may increase your defensive ability with your shield until you have only one melee attack remaining. Using shieldwall defensively will also reduce the power of your spells. Using shieldwall defensively when you have the counter feat will also increase the damage of your attacks.

Shield Charge

Category Immortal Defender
Prerequisites Immortal defender L4
Type Instant
Required For shield master
Syntax shield_charge [DIRECTION]

he immortal defender gets behind her shield and charges her enemies, using the shield and her body as a battering ram. She is even able to charge through some doors or to other rooms with her shield leading the way.

This feat affects all attackers.

Shield Master

Category Immortal Defender
Prerequisites Immortal defender L7, Must be wearing a shield
Type Permanent

Immortal defenders are the undisputed masters when it comes to the use of a shield. They are able to use the shieldwall feat to full effect without sacrificing any of their melee attacks and while they are wearing a shield they are extremely resistant to being knocked down.

Shield Of Whirling Steel

Category Bladeweaver
Prerequisites Bladeweaver L4
Type Instant
Required For masters parry
Syntax shield_of_whirling_steel

The shield of whirling steel feat allows the bladeweaver to set his weapons in a constant state of motion. Any enemies that get near the bladeweaver while the shield of whirling steel is activated will take damage from the shield of whirling weapons.

Shield Proficiency

Category Weapon And Shield
Type Permanent

Shield Proficiency is a passive feat that allows the use of various types of shields.

Shot On The Run

Category Ranged Combat
Prerequisites Preciseshot
Type Permanent

The most skilled marksmen are able to master shooting at close range while continuing to move, so that at times they are able to get clear of imminent attacks before they have even landed.

N.B. This feat is not effective against ranged attackers, as the marksman does not gain sufficient distance to out-range their attacks.

N.B. This feat does not work in conjunction with ride-by attack, as it is effectively the same action, but not on horseback.

Simple Weapon Proficiency

Simple Weapon Proficiency is a passive feat that allows the use of various types of weapons such as the dagger, mace, morning star, staff, spear, and club.

Skill Focus

Category Non Combat
Type Premanent

Skill Focus allows the selection of one non-class skill, which the character will then be skilled at as per a class skill.

N.B. If multiclassing in future causes the skill to be a class skill (skill on the class helpfile), this feat will have no effect. It must be abandoned and regained in order to select a different skill focus. Crafting skills cannot be taken by way of this feat.

Skull Collector

Category Warmaster
Prerequisites Warmaster L4
Type Permanent
Required For the reaping

The warmaster is an expert at dealing death to her enemies. She has a chance on critical hit to kill enemies that are sufficiently injured.


Category Inquisition
Prerequisites Inquisitor L17
Type Premanent
Syntax slayer JUDGEMENT

This feat represents inquisitors specialization. He can choose a type of judgement to empower: such judgement will be used as if inqusitor was five levels above.

To change slayer judgement use <slayer JUDGEMENT>. To check what is currently set just type <slayer>.


Category Presence
Prerequisites Paladin L2
Type Instant
Syntax smite

Drawing on the divine energy that infuses every holy knight, the paladin can smite the evil or good that lies in the hearts of men, beasts, and monsters alike. A successful attempt will strike any creature audacious enough to attack the paladin, causing vicious damage.


Category Magic Resistance
Prerequisites Disruptive, Fighter L10
Type Permanent

You extend your wards, allowing yourself to make an attack of opportunity, sometimes two, whenever enemy casts a spell at you.

Spellcasting Harrier

Category Magic Resistance
Prerequisites Combat reflexes or Spellbreaker
Type Permanent

You reroll magic resistance roll once whenever you fail it.


Category Magic Damage
Type Premanent
Syntax spellmastery [SPELLNAME]

Upon taking this feat you gain ability to select a spell (with <spellmastery> command) you can cast indefinitely, without needing to prepare it. Only spells of 1st and 2nd level may be picked for SpellMastery. If you have more than one class able to use the same spell, the power of the SpellMastery (as well as armor checks, etc) will be based upon the highest of these.

<spellmastery> without an argument will display currently spellmastered spell.

N.B. Spellmastery is not connected to <master> in any way. It just allows you to cast the spell without memorization. You still have to know the spell to cast it, have it in your spellbook, mastered or in your spell list.

N.B. Psions, Monks and Warlocks spells are not affected by this feat.

Spell Critical

Category Eldritch Knight
Type Permanent

The Eldritch Knight becomes an expert of warsongs. On critical hit, they can spell a simple incantation, releasing burst of wild magic at their foe.

Spell Focus

Spell Focus is a feat that will allow the caster a better chance to bypass the saving throws of the target.

Spell Knowledge

Category Arcane Spellcraft
Prerequisites Sorcerer L21 or Oracle L21
Type Permanent

This feat allows a caser to master an additional two spells of any level, above what the class would normally allow

Spell Penetration

Category Magic Accuracy
Prerequisites Spell focus
Type Permanent
Required For perfect caster, greater spell penetration, armored caster

Spell penetration allows the character to bypass a certain amount of the target's magic resistance.

Spell Power

The Spell Power feat will allow the caster to cast spells as if they were more advanced in their spell casting class than they actually are. Warlocks do not need to take any of the pre-requisite feats to gain this feat.

Spell Reflection

Category Magic Resistance
Prerequisites Improved resistance
Type Permanent

The spell reflection feat will give a chance to bounce any spells off the character and back at their caster. This will only affect directly targetted spells. This should only affect harmful spells. It does not stack with the 'reflection' feat. The chance to reflect directly depends on your spellcraft skill.

Spinning Kick

Category Unarmed Combat
Prerequisites Unarmed combad or Monk
Type Instant
Syntax spinning_kick

Spinning Kick is an instant combat feat. It allows someone skilled in unarmed combat to launch of series of devasting attacks on all enemies within melee range. It requires at least one enemy to work and will use a small amount of stamina.

Spirit Warrior

Category Rage Prophet
Prerequisites Rage Prophet L7
Type Permanent

In his frenzy raging prophet gains ability to partially enter the spirit realm, avoiding some of the attacks. This feat modifies rage.


Category General Combat
Type Permanent

The Spot skill is used primarily to detect characters or creatures who are hiding. Typically, your Spot check is opposed by the stealth check of the creature trying not to be seen. Spot increases your ability to passively percieve, removing panalty to perception when making passice rolls.

A spot check might allow you to be come aware of hidden creatures around you. Unlike other spot checks this one is rolled against target's stealth.

Spot, like passive perception, is entirely deterministic in this game and offers no chances. It either work or doesnot.

See also: status effects

Spring Attack

Category Evasion
Prerequisites Scramble
Type Permanent

This passive feat gives a chance upon successfully scrambling from a blow, to spring forward past the opponent's defenses and launch an additional attack.

N.B. If a character has both the spring attack feat and the masters parry feat they will have a chance at performing an even greater defensive maneuver.


Category Damage Resistance
Prerequisites Improved toughness
Type Premanent

This passive feat grants the character the ability to entirely avoid damage from certain spells. Any spell that allows damage to be halved by a successful fortitude or will save, will instead cause no damage if the save is made. A failed save will still result in full damage being taken. This feat is only effective in medium, light or no armor.

Stillness Of Mind

Category Ki Defense
Prerequisites Monk L7
Type Instant
Syntax stillness_of_mind

A monk that is unarmored and unarmed, or wielding small weapons, may attempt to still her mind, freeing herself from all movement impairing affects. This focus is intense and requires the use of 2 ki. Furthemore, the monk must wait a period of time being being able to focus her mind in such a way again.

Strength Of Arm

Category Two Handed Weapons
Prerequisites Light Weapon
Type Permanent

The Strength of Arm feat reflects the pinnacle of training for those skilled with two-handed weapons. It will increase their damage dealt from all attacks with a two-handed weapon by more than half again.

Stunning Strike

Category Ki Offense
Prerequisites Monk L5
Type Instant
Syntax stunning_strike [TARGET]

A monk that is unarmored and unarmed, or wielding small weapons, may attempt a stunning strike on a target. In order for the attempt to be successful the monk must have at least 1 available Ki, must land a touch attack on the target, and the target must fail a fortitude save with a DC of the Monk's level.

If used without an argument this feat will pick up a random attacker.


Category Melee Damage
Prerequisites Powerattack
Type Instant

The character can attempt to disrupt or damage the armor of their opponent, making them more vulnerable to melee attacks. This will only work while shapeshifted, or using a weapon, unless the character has an aptitude in unarmed combat.

A druid with the 'mastery of fang and claw' feat may also use this feat while in bear form, even if it has not been purchased directly.

Supreme Healer

Category Radiant Servant
Prerequisites Radiant servant L7
Type Permanent

Supreme healer will allow the Radiant Servant to cast any wound-curing spell that she knows without needing the healing spell prepared and without using any spell slots, at will and an unlimited amount of times per day.

Surprise Spells

Category Arcane Trickster
Prerequisites Arcane Trickster L7
Type Permanent

An arcane trickster knows when to cast her spells. Spells she casts on prone, paralyzed or incapacitated opponents will always deal half of the damage more. In addition, all cast spells will be silenced.


Category Two Handed Weapons
Prerequisites Strength 13
Type Instant
Required For blade block, impale, light weapon, strength of arm
Syntax sweepingblow

The SweepingBlow feat will send your weapon in a large arc out in front of you, trying to hit any attackers that stand in your way


Category Duelist
Prerequisites Opportunity strikes
Type Instant
Syntax swipe [TARGET]

With this characters can perform a tactical swipe, aming their weapon at an opponent with precision and strength put into strike.

If used without an argument this feat will pick up a random attacker.

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