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Game Rules

This is a copy of ingame rules. Current version is always available in game through help rules

You are expected to know and agree with the rules as a condition of playing ShadowGate.

Rule 1 Be excellent to each other.

Being not nice out of roleplay won't be tolerated. Bug abuse, extensive game automation, logging in on multiple characters at the same time, giving out spoilers and quest information won't be allowed since it is making game unfair to others.

Rule 2 Spaek Enlgish.

ShadowGate has own language system to disguise and enhance roleplaying. Please refer to <help languages>.

Rule 3 Follow laws.

Even though this is an adult game, we are limited by what we can allow by the real world jurisdictions. This is not some dark place of the internet. Don't roleplay child abuse or sexual assault. Do not use the game as a medium for illegal activities.

In addition to this help file rules are set in <help line use> and <help pkilling>:

  • Line use defines how you are expected behave on out of character channels
  • Pkilling describes how you are expected to behave in player kill interrations

There are recommendations scattered across other help files you might be encouraged to follow, but you won't be held accountable for not knowing them.

Additional Guidelines

City Interactions

Player Killing



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