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Eris owns the server. Draem and Garrett help her own it. There is a council of 10 that advises them, but these entities are anonymous.

Power Structure and Roles

  • Stage staff
    • Newbies are players under sixth level. They have limited a access to some features, but otherwise are the same as player.
    • Players can play the game, edit the wiki, log into the forum and use various web services. They can contribute to the source code of ShadowGate, its lore.
  • Backstage staff
    • Avatars are a special type of player that has access to avatar commands, can run plots, and manipulate the game. They have their own secret forum, but otherwise are not much different from players.
    • Creators fill in various roles and access of a creator depends on access control lists. Usually this role is set for people making the game, bugfixing, performing administrative tasks or other various tasks.


To enforce transparancy all wizards (developers: creators, admins, overseers and such) have their activity logs under wizard accounts published for anyone to review or analyze.

If you find something questionable in these logs, bring said issue directly to the people. And be patient, making a decision of any meaningful scope requires thought and discussion. Your concerns will be handled by everyone.

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