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Shadowgate allows players to become one of a large number of races, all of which bear a variety of ethos and abilities to help shape the character. All standard races/subraces are available on creation, but level-adjusted creatures can only be played by request. Beast races, and those of naturally evil inclination, should be carefully considered before play, as they will encounter many challenges (vision, language communication, and general lack of acceptance in most civilized areas) beyond those of surface races. Also, large-size races may find equipment more difficult to find than other characters.

Standard rollable races

Experienced players (with a lvl 30 account) can roll

Experienced players can also roll PK races


Your race determines your make-up. Some races are predisposed to being stronger, sturdier, more intelligent, more sensitive to light, etc. than other races. In addition, different races are physically different from others, having different limbs and other types of body parts. In real life, you had no choice. You were born human. In ShadowGate reality, you do get a choice. Do you want a magical character? Or do you want to play the game by brute force? Or perhaps deception or skullduggery? What do you prefer to explore? Do you like dark, enclosed areas? Or do you like well lit castles or the open outdoors? All these questions face you now. Whatever choice you make, so long as it fits the style in which you like to play, will be rewarding. There is neither a best pick nor a worst pick. There is only what is best or worst for your style.

Towards that end, here are some clues:

  • Intelligence and wisdom make the best magic users.
  • Strength and constitution make the best fighters.
  • Dexterity and charisma make the best roguish types.

Each race has its own help file. For example, to find out about humans, type help human.

This is not the 20th century and an enlightened society. Racial hatreds and differences, people looking down on bastard half-races (including half-elves) and so forth is a way of life and even a requirement for survival.

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