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Stat requirements: 13 dexterity, 13 wisdom
Alignments allowed: any
Cannot multiclass with: n/a
Hitdice: d8
Saving throws: fort/reflex strong, will weak
Class Skills: athletics, endurance, stealth, survival
Class Feats:L1: light armor proficiency, simple weapon proficiency, martial weapon proficiency, shield proficiency, track
L4: animal companion
L9: evasion
Also: one bonus melee feat at L21, and every five class levels thereafter

In addition to that, rangers use different pre-set combat styles they can choose with combatstyle command.

Dual wield combat style:
L1: ambidexterity
L5: whirl
L9: two weapon fighting
L13: improved two weapon fighting
L17: unassailable parry

Archery combat style:
L1: point blank shot
L5: manyshot
L9: deadeye
L13: preciseshot
L17: shot on the run

Twohanded combat style:
L1: sweepingblow
L5: blade block
L9: impale
L13: light weapon
L17: strength of arm

The ranger is a hunter and woodsman who lives by not only his sword or bow, but also his wits. Rangers, like nature itself, can be of any alignment. Their role and outlook changes depending upon their alignment, but they all have a few things in common. They are more comfortable in the wilderness than the city, and they have a strong affinity for nature that defines them.

Although rangers have the basic combat skills of a warrior, they have several other abilities to aid their survival. They gain lesser divine spellcraft based on their wisdom score. They prepare spells from list of ranger spells you can see with spells ranger command. They cast spell by expending spell from memory. You can see spells committed to memory with recall ranger spells command and remove undesired spell with the forget command.

Rangers can cast in any armor they can wear, but must not wield while doing so.

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