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Lady of the Battlefield, the Red Reaver

Domain: war, martial strength, tactics, battle, destruction, freedom
Symbol: an iron double-axe dripping blood
Sacred Items/Creatures: bloodstones, iron, bronze, eagles, wolves, air and fire elementals, nasturtiums, poppies
Alignment: CN
Clergy alignments: TN, CG, CN, CE
Follower alignments: NG, TN, NE, CG, CN, CE
Spell domains: war, strength, destruction, air


Varda was a half-orc mercenary, for many years not particularly remarkable save for her leadership role despite being both a half-blood and a female. She was known to be of a fickle inclination, given to changes of mind as the whim took her, but she was said to be utterly fearless and brutal against her foes. Fortune and fame found her and her clan, the Red Wolves, during the Silence of 737SG, where she elected to side at first with Tonovi and the forces of Bane. It is believed she took offense to his dismissal of her key role in Sune's downfall, and when the Banites later marched upon Antioch, she struck at her former benefactor and set the Black Lord to retreat, effectively sparing the town.

Regards to Undead

Mixed sentiments regarding the undead flow through the church, with those both for and against. No directive is given by the priesthood, leaving this choice up to the preference of each of the faithful.


No set vestments are defined for the faithful of Varda. Instead, it is expected in any official matter that faithful sport their most impressive arms and armor, to better represent the capacity of her church.%^RESET%^

Faith-based groups

  • The Red Wolves: A group of mercenaries that take inspiration from their patron's own clan before her ascension. Masters of battle, they sell their services to the highest bidder.
  • They who Remember: Rather than one group, They who Remember are actually several, each laying claim to a different totem. Branching from Aesatri custom, they are primarily made up of barbarians, but warriors from other callings also claim membership.

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